Friday, July 25, 2008

colorado: day 17 (fri 7/25)

My final lecture here in Greeley went very well this afternoon. Now I wish I could go back and do the first one over - where I was nervous and signed a little too fast for this group of students (only four of whom I'd "met" - distance mentoring - before). Of course, this was also the topic I felt most comfortable with and would have been my first choice to teach, anyway. Still, it went well. My presentation style was smooth, signing clear, good information neatly arranged (which I did even more cleaning up and improving last night). I felt (and I think looked) confident and calm. I got some response from the audience. And now I'm done with my presentations. What's left is grading and facilitating "power labs" in which the students get to practice, get feedback on their interpreting and on their professional development plans (PDP) - and then grading the PDPs later next week.

A group of us from the program I'm working with and from the other program under this center went out for dinner tonight. It was tasty and good conversation. We were sitting outside in the cool (~80 degrees) air with a breeze. About halfway through the meal the servers started removing the table umbrellas because the breeze was becoming a wind and the umbrellas can topple the entire table. We haven't seen any rain or thunderstorms yet, but it could happen. It may not because it has cooled down to about 75 now. Although there might still be enough heat in all the cement... we'll see!

Oh: update on the mail. I received a call from someone who is apparently the lead RA (I forget his exact title). He and another RA talked with the mail people, they have checked everywhere, including another dorm/hall and the mail area - nothing. No sign of my package or my envelope with the form for the employer. I sent an email to the manager of the company and told her to please resend the form to my home and I will deal with it as soon as I get back. It was mailed on either 7/10 or 7/11 and I should have had it long ago. I called the guy here back and actually managed to catch him in the office. He apologized, but what could they do. I explained for the fifth time, at least, that there were *two* pieces of mail missing (each time my message gets passed on to the supervisor or someone, it ends up being A package): I said the one could be replaced but will delay the start of the job. I said the second was an item I already paid for with shipping costs and not as easily replaced. He said his next person up will be in on Monday and they'll see what they can do. ughghg! I expect the mobile phone battery will show up after I'm back in Portland and when I don't really need it any more (hopefully my phone will return to normal when I get back; it's a little better the last couple days, but still runs out faster than it should).

And as for the job - all I can hope is that there is some reason the universe is delaying the start. I have no idea what or why - but there is nothing to be done about it.

Tomorrow I decided to not go to Boulder with a small group. I thought I would - but decided I'd rather stay here, do some laundry, explore Greeley a little more (there seems to be a beautiful park with a river through it a ways away ... will have to figure out how to get there on the bus and what times: bus service is extremely limited here), also maybe try to get to an area where there appear to be some excellent restaurants and stuff. We'll see. I am just not feeling like spending several hours in the car and walking around a little town which seems to be to be an awful lot like Ashland (at first I thought Corvallis, but after I saw some pictures and read more about it, it seems A Lot like Ashland).

For Sunday, the students in our program have planned a BBQ and staff are invited. Have to figure out what to take for that but that is no big deal and doesn't start until 4:00.

I want (and need) to take it easy this weekend. Relax. Hang out. Do some leisurely walking. Not haul the cart full of videos and a 3" notebook and a box of office supplies and my lunch and water and and and ... behind me.

Ahhhh - the weekend!