Monday, July 14, 2008

colorado: day 6 (mon 7/14)

The first day of class and lab meetings with the students is done. Yay! And it all went well. I was less nervous this morning about my lecture than I was before I left home. I feel it went okay, though, as usual, I feel I could have done X or Y or Z differently or better or.... I started to make some changes to my ppt yesterday: add some movie clips and pictures. Then decided that I already had plenty for the time allotted.

Today I was glad I didn't have more, because I nearly ran out of time. I had to minimize some things near the end, but did get it all in. It went fine -- I would have liked "finer" -- but I'm okay with the lecture.

The lab part was great. That is what I really love. Being able to work with the students on mentoring, talking about the work, working to help them explore their own work and the source message and apply all the theory and practice they've been doing.

And I want to say that I am very pleased with my team Skills Specialist. He really helped make today go smoothly. He sent me a text message early this morning. He is very calm, warm, friendly ... I feel our teaching styles are similar and that we worked really well together. He was supportive and encouraging before and after my lecture. I like him and think it was a good pairing.

My feet are sore. I bought new shoes a couple weeks ago, they are extremely comfortable and fit well. I wore them before coming here to break them in and get used to them. But I think my nervousness today and the high temperature made my feet sweat and - ouch. That, too, will fade along with the nervousness. I don't expect I'll be doing a lot of walking tonight!

My second lecture is this Wednesday and then I won't have any more lectures until the 25th. So I will be mainly doing my favorite duty of mentoring and talking about the work ... and the grading/feedback.

Nothing much else happening today. The first day is done and now I can relax a little! Still a lot to do, but this is more what I know and do all the time - and the first days tends to be the worst.

I have a picture of the collages I made at home, which are on my dorm room wall now, to upload later. There is "an internal error" which is not letting me upload the picture right now.