Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Human Lobotomy - Save the internet"

Thank you to Mead Hunter for sharing this link about net neutrality and why we should care. Although I do pause and wonder about the spelling error in the beginning of the video: "there" instead of "their"...I will look into this issue of net neutrality more to get more views. My search for the original video on YouTube brought up links to other videos which lead me to believe there is some confusion about what it is and where the fear really lies. Still, this has information to digest and see how it sits.


  1. that video doesn't impress me (especially with that misspelling), but i actually feel quite strongly about net neutrality. check more into lawrence lessig, who is knowledgeable, noble & kind.

  2. Thank you, gl! I will definitely look into Lawrence Lessig. And, ditto about this video...although it did bring net neutrality up my issues to be aware of list... With the hope that someone more knowledgeable would point me in the right direction. *grin* thank you.