Friday, June 6, 2008

found: character study

True story: Sitting in the central lobby of a hospital wing was a patient's boyfriend and some other guy he seemed to know. The two had spent all night with the female patient. Reason for stay was unknown to me, except she was wearing a neck brace. The boyfriend had really long 70's style sideburns with short curly hair slightly matted and pushed to one side, probably from sleeping on one of those chair beds. Or maybe he was lucky enough to get an actual cot in the room.

Regardless, here he is in the hospital with his pal. Sitting in the lobby talking dirt about other people, sitting on the worn blue plastic twin chairs, stuffing his face with -- you ready? -- cheese in a can being squirted onto habanero Doritos. And talking with his mouth full, the orange bits of either chip or cheese, maybe both, popping out between loud crunches and splattering the floor. And beside him is one of those giant nearly gallon sized containers you can get filled with pop at the convenience stores.

I tried not to stare, but the sight struck me as odd and fascinating in a way. Whoosh, squirt, pop on the top, chip and cheese into the mouth, crunch. "Wha' yu say, bu'dy", spray the orange. Repeat.