Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just started working out with a buddy today. I've been walking more, readying myself for nearly a month in Colorado, where I've been told the elevation is higher (well, duh, I know That!) and - oh, it will take a little getting used to. I will be without a car - though I may rent one for a weekend if I get a couple days off, so I can go see some sights - so walking will be the norm. Which is fine and is what I generally do most of my vacations - even though this isn't one of those.

So, I've been walking more. And I've been moaning about wanting to get back to the gym on a regular basis. And back to swimming which my body loves and I have a long list of excuses why it's been so hard to get there. And my schedule, which is true and yet...

...wait... I'm self-employed. Didn't I make that move so I could gain a little more control over my schedule? Yes. Oh, but it is a practice profession, which means the work available is based on others' schedules - but can't I still set some parameters?

I think I can! Once several commitments are completed, three of which come to an end this week.

So, I started planning for how to build in more time to take care of myself physically by increased time for exercise, adding back in swimming, and so on. And I really wanted someone to work out with because it's simply more enjoyable.

Then I received an email from a long-time friend whom I hadn't seen for several months. We met for lunch. She talked about her new workout and on the road to fitness routine and, voila! We scheduled our first walking date.

That was this afternoon and it was energizing and inspiring and fun. We walked for over an hour; challenging ourselves on, first, a little incline and then we saw a steeper one off to our right. We got to walk down it first, our cool down, and then walked back up; it was about double the steepness of what we'd just done. It was about 80 minutes of just wandering and seeing where we ended up and then finding our way back to our cars. And we have our next date set to approach Mount Tabor and maybe take the first flight of steps up. We've set ourselves the goal of walking up all of the steps to the top, but that will come over time.

Despite not really having any communication for several months, we have been wanting similar things: someone to travel this path to wellness with who doesn't mind a little sweat and is willing to just see where we go.

When we met today, she gave me a little pewter bauble with a leaf on one side and Harmony written on the back. It was, indeed, a moment of harmony that we connected at this moment and have found a new shared interest. Neither of us had any idea when we planned our lunch date last week.

I also know that taking a little more control of my schedule and returning to more physical activity will be a bonus for my writing. I can already feel the juices flowing again. And after I'm done with all of my grading and evaluations and this next show is done, I know I'll be using some of the time I've blocked out for just that.

photograph, Harmony, by Steve Higgs