Friday, October 25, 2013

Growing a Writing Group

The Friday night writing group is still meeting. We've undergone a few big changes in our short history; lost a member, gained a member, had a couple of weeks off, now a change of schedule. We're also still finding our way with what it is that we want to do as a group.

The basic plan has been that we send writing to each other a couple of days before we meet. We read the writing ahead of time and make feedback notes. When we meet, the writer reads his or her piece and we discuss it. This week we had one piece from a writer, along with accompanying correspondence related to the piece. It was a good conversation.

We also spend some time each week talking about writing, submitting, current project, and so on. These are valuable writing conversations to have, too.

We've also made a temporary schedule change - to every other week for the time being, for the whole group. Partly due to the upcoming holidays and partly due to other commitments; it is hard to find a time which is consistent for all of us and Friday is the only day where all of our schedules overlap. So we'll make do with what we have and keep writing. On the group "off" weeks, a couple of us will still get together for writing support and, during November, for NaNoWriMo writing time.

The group is still working - it is also changing. And I still have my Tuesday midday writing time with another writer, although we've also missed a few due to "life happens" events. I've mostly managed to keep the Tuesday writing time for writing, even on the weeks when we haven't met.

Take two weekly writing dates, add an online poetry workshop/class (starts November 3rd), add NaNoWriMo, and I think I have a fairly strong writing practice. My hope this year will be to continue the strong writing practice after November 30th.

And I am thinking that I would like to add a manuscript writing/critique group into the mix. That one will take a little more searching and a little more time to find the right fit.

Writing is happening