Friday, August 24, 2012

Razor's Edge for 8/24/12: Using a Lifeline

This is Friday. The day for another writing prompt post. I love searching for them, creating them, sharing them. And today started, on barely six hours of sleep, with a visit to the dentist. My second visit to the dentist this week. Wednesday's visit was a regular cleaning, plus xrays and an exam by the dentist.

Uh - oh.

The hygienist had noticed a little decay at the edge of a crown. The dentist looked further and said I needed to replace the crown right away, so the decay didn't spread into the root, which would mean a root canal. And, right next to that tooth which needed the crown replacement, is another tooth which has been holding up fine but which needs a crown. It's had a chip for a little while due to a large old filling, but hasn't changed since the chip. But it's the neighbor to the do-it-now crown tooth.

I gave in. Fine. Do them both.

That was my morning.

And I didn't have my Razor's Edge for today done.

I'm not feeling too badly, thanks to Arnica and a tincture from my Naturopath. But I'm not up to my usual creative energy, either.

So, rather than skipping a week [no - I will not let the tooth demon stop me from posting!], I'm going to randomly select two prompts from "Wake Up Your Muse: 1001 Story Starters for Fiction Writers," by Jan Christiansen.

Oh, and look, I went to the website and they're having a giveaway of that very book. What a lucky piece of synchronicity. Now you, too, can get a copy of the book for yourself. And if you're not a winner, buy it. It's a handy book to carry with you.

Check it out here: Wake Up Your Muse . Comment there for a chance to win.

On with the prompts for today...

[1] The lullaby sounded hauntingly familiar and out of place.

[2] I don't believe in seas monsters, but it's only my third day into the cruise and this guy just might qualify.