Monday, August 13, 2012

Radical Writing Advice: Ennui, or Give In to the Feelings

Write every day.

Write three pages every day. A chapter. A scene. A poem or two or three. Write the crap and get it out of the way. Write whatever is there and move it through.

Just write. Keep the pen (fingers) moving across the page (screen).

Write when you don't feel like it. Don't wait for the muse. Hang in there. Keep going. Don't give up.

All true. Yes. I agree.

But, you know, sometimes. Sometimes, a writer needs a break. Or needs a little down time.

Or maybe I"m simply projecting what I need right now. That could be, too.

Yet, I do think it's also true that writers need some time to get away. To do the thing which restores you and, while I could list activities or escapes, I also know there is not a one-size-fits-all writer's getaway. For me, a trip to the beach works wonders. One where I can walk on the sand, getting my feet wet and sandy and cold (the Pacific Ocean is not warm, for those who live in places with blue warm water), feeling the layers of warm and cold air blowing over the ocean. Or sometimes a swim gets me into a zone where thoughts flow and energy surges. Or a week in a cabin in a forest near a stream and away from the highway sounds heavenly right now.

Today I'm telling you that writers need to pause. Once in a while. Keep your good habits. Look at the ones which aren't working. Write regularly.

And stop.

Notice what you're feeling. Try dancing it out. Or painting, drawing, chalk, or charcoal. Make up a song and sing it out loud.

And stop.

Be quiet a little longer than is comfortable.



Today a friend sent me this video. I saw it once before but it had completely slipped from my mind. In mid-August, this is kind of how I'm feeling. And maybe, sometimes, as writers, we need to just sit back and say, ah. Okay; let go for a little bit.