Thursday, August 30, 2012

Radical Writing Advice: Where's Your Energy?

I'm a couple days late with this post. With reason; without intention.

But the reasons did lead me to this topic. That plus my coffee with another writer on Sunday.

What I'm talking about is our creative energy as writers. As creative beings in the world. When we are working on something which excites us, that energy builds on itself and expands. If we are working on something which doesn't hold our interest, which we don't like, or we are feeling pulled from that thing we love doing, we can drag. Our energy diminishes if we don't have a passion.

I can hear people nodding and feel people holding back, thinking, "But I can't drop everything just because I'm bored or don't like it; I'd never get anything done." And, I know. I'm not saying that sometimes we don't have to hang in there with the projects which don't excite us. I know we do. I also know that sometimes being bored may stem from other things than it being something we shouldn't do.

What I do know, though, is that energy begets energy. I've just had that confirmed for myself. I started a new project, the basics which started - well, it's a long story. But this phase of things had the seed planted in June. And now that I've made a big step out of the little bubble in which I've been existing in this particular area, it is blossoming. Partly because I noticed that spark - a pilot light, if you will - inside which said, "look at me!" So I did. Excitement was there. Energy.

Did I immediately give up the responsibilities and projects which aren't as much fun? Or one in particular which right now is not creating energy? No. But I did move on this new one. And the universe today sent me a message in the form of an email in response to that seed in June; the answer was "yes."

The writer on Sunday was talking about a project which surfaced - a novel. She found a spark by listening to her inner voice and her "gut." She had renewed energy and a vision. She sat down to begin writing this novel and it was easy, it was fun, and she wants to do more of it.

Because she noticed the energy and she followed it. She realized that some of what she had been doing wasn't her, wasn't her passion. This is. I am excited that I will be able to read some of her writing as it progresses.

So: where is your energy? Where do you feel drawn? How can you incorporate that right now?

What is the vision of that energy place?

Write it. Or draw it. Or make a collage if the words aren't coming right now. Just do something creative with it. Notice. Look. Listen.

Where's the energy?