Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Searching for the Rug

Just a brief thought for today.

I'm in a holding pattern for a program I applied to in early June. The deadline is the end of July; it originally said the end of June. No worries; my application was in.

So I'm still waiting.

And booking work now into October. With the "what if" I get into the program thoughts, along with the other activities that begin ramping up in the fall.

"What if..." : I get into the program, which has non-specific days and times at this point, so I have to leave open both possible times on both possible days. "What if..." : I don't get into the program and I don't sign up for Ariel's next writing session - then I'm without either writing group and will flail, I know.

So, what to do?

Schedule "as if" ...

Which means that right now I feel like a dog in front of the fireplace, circling round and waiting to land. Except that someone keeps moving the rug.