Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the Flow: Water and Words

This picture was posted by Dosho Port recently on his blog, Wild Fox Zen. You might remember that I mentioned Dosho as the person who did the "Zen Howl" writing CD with Natalie Goldberg. One of my favorites: inspirational and influential. It was actually Dosho who gave me the words which helped me in my initial re-commitment to writing as a priority. This picture is from Dosho's regular bike route - beautiful! He had a lovely post, too, which I encourage you to check out.

photo by Dosho Port
I've been missing being on the water. Unfortunately water and my laptop don't mix well, so, while I'm in the throes of completing the memoir/creative nonfiction book, I haven't been on the water. I've been doing more swimming recently - because that takes less time than paddling/kayaking, and all the preparation to get equipment together and drive there and all that goes with it. I miss it. I've been putting kayaking and lake pictures as backgrounds on computers.

Then today I went to the Ridgefield Kayak website and was excited by a couple of paddles they have on their calendar. I will make time to get on the water. Then I was catching up on the blogs that I follow and there was the above picture - with the really nice Zen translation - and, water. Yes. Beautiful.

I have a couple of days before I have to turn in my availability for August for one on-going assignment I'm doing and I think I'm going to make sure to leave some time for going on the water. I have made a commitment to have the editor-ready draft done before the end of this month (along with something else I *have* to do) - so I think August will include some paddling.

Paddling and writing.

Writing and paddling.

And working and teaching.

My writing is flowing like the water right now and I love it. I want to maintain that momentum. And I need to get into the wet flow, as well. (Sorry, my MissFit paddling friends: my Tuesday nights are taken or I'd be in the Hong Kong boats with you!)