Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unexpected Absence

I thought I'd make my Friday post when I arrived at the beach last night.

First delay was that I ended up working. Then, due to a couple of other things (forgot to pack the notebook with the memoir excerpts for the contest! Forgot the application for a special program I'm applying to) I lost my time between jobs to running home to get said things and shove them into the back of my car with half of everything else I own (I am *not* a light packer for weekends: two days? two weeks? I probably have the same amount of things, except the number of pairs of underwear matches the number of days I'll be gone, plus one). So all spare time lost, which included time to fill the gas tank.

So I had to get gas after working last night. And coffee since it was later and I had a late-night 90 minutes drive ahead.

Then - the beginning of the weekend rain - traffic slowed on the dark highway through the forest and mountain range.

And then, I came up behind what appeared to be a new truck driver. Judging by the extreme slow-downs for all curves and crawling uphill and frequent downhill braking. But I would rather be delayed by nearly and hour than get in an accident. And I don't know those windy roads very well, there was no moon, no lights. So I sipped my coffee - now cold - and rolled along with Lady Gaga and kd lang cds.

And the promised internet access? Nope. Well - I did have it for about an hour before I fell asleep. Then it was gone. And today - nothing. I've tried everything I can find with my Blackberry browser - but no luck. I've connected to the wireless router, but can't get back online.

No big deal - except that I can't post my Lit Kitchen assignment, I can access the online version of my book (which is okay, I have the latest versions of the parts I need downloaded to my laptop and I do have the printout). And I'll probably get more done on the book with less internet access.

Back to the book.

And probably no more posts here until Tuesday.