Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Accounting

The Lit Star spring online session is ending this week; our final assignments posted.
If all goes well, I will finish the final two intern observations this week. I typed up the observation reports I did last week on the weekend (thanks to some unknown interpreter who covered a shift for me on Sunday). I am caught up on grading, too.
And I have the rough draft of an essay done that is due before May 31st.
So things are moving along fine.
Except that I have been resisting a slight cold or allergy-caused cold. Something. But I think I won this round. And except for the novel excerpt that is on hold as I get these observations done and get the assignments due earlier done.
And that I haven't had time to get much exercise because the bike had to go into the shop (but it's back and ready to ride when the weather and I coordinate our schedules next - hoping for Thursday and Friday this week). And not feeling well I didn't want to go out walking in the rain when I wasn't at work. And I had some long work hours last week.
So I started looking at my time this morning just to check.
And, yes, the time I was using to prepare for a half marathon and dragon boat practice and distance relay training has gone to ...
... are you ready?
... to writing!
This is as I hoped. And it has come true.
So, the next step, is to get more exercise back in. And I think I will as soon as I get done with this term. I have a plan and parts of it are in place.
Writing - walking/biking/swimming/strength training - and working. A full schedule - but so worth it.
As long as I keep writing.