Friday, October 15, 2010

Razor's Edge for 10/15/10

Today is a transition day for me: my schedule goes from overly full - with all good things, but full all the same - to one where I have enough time to sleep, enough time to start building walks back in and the return of writing as a priority. One major project was completed last night; one time-consuming job is done for the time being. Today I slept nearly nine hours.

And outside the air has shifted. We still have more sunshine than usual. The skies are still bluer than normal. The clouds are far less than normal and the temperatures just a little higher. But there is no denying that fall is here.

On the ground lay the beginnings of the red and golden and burnt orange leaves, bouncing crisply under the tires of cars, in their wake. The gutters are starting to fill with the finely ground nuts that pelt the cars waiting at the stoplight, with the crumbled leaves after they've been tossed around a while. And the air, while unseasonably warm, carries a cool thread, moist, musty, telling us that change is near. After the sun sets the temperature drops quickly. The nights turning cold, requiring the windows be closed or more blankets piled on the bed.

Transition. Returning to earth. Unpredictability.

This week's prompt is the video below, the setting and the music. After you've watched the video, scroll down for the word prompts. Set your timer for 10 minutes and write. Or dance or paint or draw - whatever creative outlet you feel drawn to today. Create - that is the only goal.

Song Of The Morning Ranch - Golden Lotus from Marcel DeClercq on Vimeo.


Imagine you or your characters in this place.

Or that you are coming from or going to this place.

Begin with: "I smelled the earth through the open window and I knew..."

...go... 10 minutes ....