Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh - I like it!

I did make it to Wordstock for a couple hours. Things have been so busy and I have a play I'm preparing to interpret - but I did give myself a treat and went by the Wordstock Expo for a couple of hours on Sunday. There were some interestng things and, to be honest, probably more interesting things than I had energy to explore. But I was glad I went, even if it was crammed in between script translation work and work-work.

One thing I stumbled across is a prompt website that seems really fun. I need to look into them more - but at the outset, it seems like a good idea. And, yes, I signed up.

It's called "typetrigger." The premise is that they post a new prompt every six hours. So you have six hours to write up a maximum 300 words piece and post it. Fun! Genre doesn't matter.

I just completed my first installment and here's the link - "her conundrum" - not that I need more writing assignments (wink). But maybe this will be a help when it comes to NaNoWriMo. Could be. Get myself stuck for something to write, pop on over and login to Typetrigger, get a prompt and go. Really - 300 words? That's about a fifth of my daily minimum total.