Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rose Festival Dragon Boat races: day one

The MissFit Dragons were in excellent form today, as was the weather. We paddled hard and kept competitive. We are in the "B" teams - and we're fine with that. Tomorrow morning we will have a semi-final race about 10:45 am. And then we'll see after that - hopefully we will go on to the finals.

What we really care about is that we work together, keep our timing in sync and I hold a straight line to our flag so that the flag catcher can grab it effortlessly.  We did that really well today and we were against all (except one) "A" teams.

Even with the swifter current due to higher than average water tables, excess debris in the river, and the anticipated warm weather wind (which was milder than it could of been, but still present).

We all can sleep well knowing we gave it our all.

And awake refreshed and ready to go for day two tomorrow!
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