Friday, June 25, 2010

day one: Grand Canyon rafting

I am in the Grand Canyon on a giant raft with 14 other people: 12 passengers, a guide, and a swamper. I have no cellular phone service, no internet, no electricity, no flushing toilet. I'm wet and drying and hot and hiking and riding big rapids. By now we've probably set up camp for the night. Our first night camping.

This is day one of the trip. We were picked up about 4:30 AM from the hotel in Las Vegas and bussed about 5 hours up to Lees Ferry, the put-in.

This is someone else's video (duh, I know!) and a different company. But it's the same route. I don't know if we'll be stopping at the same places or going the same distance - but I do know we put in at Lees Ferry and go through Marble Canyon. It's not like there are a lot of routes to take.