Thursday, July 2, 2009


...or not.

I want to say something meaningful - worthy of taking up space. I want to give you inspiration and recognition and a boost that makes you want to go create -- something. Create.

But the truth - which is already evident in my slowed posts - is that I am feeling a little uninspired and just trying to get through each day. Well, that's being a bit dramatic. But at this moment that's how it feels and I don't see an end in sight. Which is also a lie because, while it's true that I have a very long work day tomorrow and Saturday which was book-ended with regular work days today and Sunday - I will then be off work until the following Saturday.

So - I'm feeling kind of empty and should have probably just left this post off, too. But it's already been too many days, so you get the excuses and the boring Woe, Is Me posts so that I can keep my self-designated minimum two posts a week -- or else. (I have no idea what my Or Else is.)

Next week promises to be different! Highlights to look forward to when I'm not working:
- a drive to Medford for a meeting about the relay (I was already booked for work for the local meetings; and it's cheaper to drive 9-10 hours round trip than take the time off work to go local).
- a massage
- acupuncture
- a mini-vacation to central Oregon, where I will scout out the relay route and do some training walks
- do the 10k at the Smith Rock Sunrise Classic
- therapy
- two sessions with my personal trainer
- miles of walking
- a kayak lesson on a lake: wet exits and rescues