Saturday, June 13, 2009

quotes and fiction

The two friends eyes connected across the table in the dimly lit booth at the bar. The '90s music, blended with bits of hiphop, pulsated across the women on the dance floor.

"My father was a traveling salesman." Geri told Chris across the table. "My step-mother told him, 'I don't care where you get your appetite from, as long as you always come home for dinner'. "

Geri took a sip of her drink and let her eyes float back to the dancers on the floor. Her partner, Kendra, put her arms around Geri's shoulders and pulled her back against her body. Gave Geri's chest a gentle squeeze. Kissed Geri's ear and rested her cheek on the back of Geri's head.

Both content.

Chris watched the women on the dance floor and tried to remember the last time she had dinner at home, which was the last time she had dinner. She wondered how long before she would starve.