Friday, June 19, 2009

MissFits on the move

What an amazing group of people have gathered under the leadership of MissFit Adventures owner, Nikki Becker.

As I've written about over the last six months, the MissFit Dragons was an amazing experience with an incredible group of women. We really came together as a team and we worked to do our best. And we did our best and we had fun.

Out of that experience, I created a Cascade Lakes Relay team, which we have called the MissFit WiseWalkers. (Remember that name! You have until July 1st to put together a team - either walking or running. If you do put together a team - for either this year or next - mention me and my team; we will get a referral gas card!) Most of the team is from the dragon boat team.

And speaking of other adventures from the paddlers, some of them are with Nikki right now and will begin their descent into the Grand Canyon tomorrow. They are doing a several days hike into and out of the canyon. Wow.

Another of our paddlers started organizing a Race for the Cure team. We will have walkers and runners; friends and family will be joining us, too. We don't have a name yet and many have been tossed around. Think about it: what rhymes with MissFit?! We probably won't go *there* with the naming .. but we had fun with seeing what we can come up with. I will let you know when we decide on something.

Then there are two of us who are planning to walk the Seattle half marathon in November. We will start recruiting other runners and walkers to join with us in that.

And I signed up for next summer's rafting the Grand Canyon eight-day trip with Nikki and some of the others from the team.

Gals on the go, indeed!