Monday, June 1, 2009

event: "Journal to the Center" workshop

The Art Of Your Life's next class, by Serena Barton, is coming up soon. She promises a fun and informal workshop, which will be a great way to begin visual journaling or to get re-energized!

Journal to the Center

You'll bring a blank journal to begin your artful descent to your center with visual journaling!

You'll receive written and visual prompts to inspire you to begin writing and illustrating your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your subjects are profound or everyday, you will create a lavish and enticing book in which to record and honor your life.

When: June 14, 2009 12-5

Where: The Art of Your Life Studio1210 SE Oak St., Portland

Tuition: 50.Registration:

Online here or call 971-404-7664

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