Tuesday, February 17, 2009

where's dot?

Working. Proctoring certification exams. Teaching. Dragon Boats training and the gym for the home routine; next month we go on the water - yay. The gym for cardio workouts. Getting chiropractic treatments for an ulnar nerve issue which was being aggravated by my part-time non-teaching job (it's much better now!); I will be following up with acupuncture treatment for it this week. More working. And a massage later this week.

And trying to sleep. Not enough, but getting some.

Oh - and doing the online writing workshop I'm taking. I'm writing at least two new things a week. And this previous weekend I submitted pieces to three publications. And I'm editing another one for a February 25th deadline.

And trying to read here and there. I'm in book three of a (so far) four book series; I hear the author is working on the next book.

I did manage to go on a date with my partner to a movie last Friday. It's been a long time and it's hard for us to find compatible time to do something. But we did and it was nice. I need more of that.