Saturday, February 21, 2009

stuck for a word

I came to the keyboard to post something. I didn't know what, but I hoped something would come to me. It didn't. So I decided to go in search of some art or film or writing by someone else to share, since I seem to be a little stuck right now.

I stopped by the website of one of my favorite spoken word and film artists, Queen Juliana Luecking, of Brooklyn, NY, to see what she was up to. Last I checked, she was still working on her "People are a Trip" series, which I posted about last year. It's a wonderful series. She has other videos, as well, on a variety of political, art, and personal interests - wait, aren't those all the same? Unfortunately, the host of her primary site, Moli, was recently bought out and is under revision or reconstruction, or something. So I couldn't get into her main website.

But, you can go here to see some of her newest work on her YouTube channel: QueenJuliana. She seems to be working on a new project called, "Tell Me, Am I Crazy?" The first one up on the site right now is about homelessness and the economy. I wanted to embed one of her videos here, but that is not available. Here is a link to another video worth watching Bernie Madoff Threatened By Lesbian Mafia.

Check her out. Travel through some of the "People are a Trip" series.

Meanwhile, I'll go in search of some creative inspiration - I may have exerted it all on the writing workshop assignment this week (really?). Or maybe I'll sleep first, then go search. That's it.

Enjoy Queen Juliana's video!

I'll be back.