Wednesday, February 18, 2009

event: Back Fence PDX

(Information taken from craigslist posting.)

On February 18th at 7 p.m. at the Mission Theater, Back Fence PDX will take the stage with local Portlanders, Jeff Baker, Anis Mojgani and others telling unmemorized, true eight-minute stories based on the theme, The Moment After.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. More info at

Presenting our February storytellers:

Anis Mojgani is a former resident of the Oregon Literary Arts Writer's-In-The-Schools program and has appeared on HBO and NPR. Anis' work has appeared in Rattle and alongside the works of US Poet Laureates Ted Kooser and Billy Collins, in the anthology Spoken Word Revolution Redux. Originally from New Orleans, Anis currently lives in a white house in Portland, Oregon, with three guys and a cat named Ivan, whom Anis believes loves him.

Jeff Baker is The Oregonian's book editor. He is a University of Oregon graduate and has won awards for criticism, feature writing and sports journalism.

Ezra Caraeff is the owner of Slowdance Records, a pug enthusiast and the music editor for the Portland Mercury

Jordi Barnes writes and performs sketch comedy in the nationally acclaimed sketch group The 3rd Floor. She co-writes the blog Princess, was interviewed for the comedy site Hello Hilarious and a piece of hers will appear on She and her husband, fellow sketch comic Ted Douglass, have a five month old girl and eleven year old puppy.

Vanessa Veselka is a musician and writer living in Portland. Additionally, she has been a union organizer, an underage stripper, a student of Paleontology, a bartender in Vienna, and hitchhiked over 40,000 before the age of 22. Her work has been published in Tin House, YETI, Bust, Bitch and Maximum Rock 'n Roll. You can hear some of her music at She is also in the Goth band, Nitebrite.

Heather Strang is a writer, journalist and coach. At any given time you can find her buzzing around the kitchen cooking, shaking it to her favorite Beyonce song or single-handedly attempting to change the world. In that order. To learn more, visit:

Brad Fortier is the education director for the Brody Theater in PDX. He has performed improvised theater around town and around the world representing the US in numerous international performance festivals.

Intermission entertainment by Melody Jordan and her Gang of Hula Hoopers!

Back Fence PDX is an evening with people telling their true eight-minute stories based on the month's theme. The stories must not have been performed publicly prior to their Back Fence PDX telling. We are also a blog with a weekly story by a writer, blogger, or someone with an unusual story about the topic.

photograph by David Beaulieu
on "Fence Pictures"