Friday, September 19, 2008


Be vewy vewy quiet. I want to tell you about my travels and my experiences, but I can't. I am in a secret location (well, it's not a secret location but I can't tell you where I am). And I am training to be able to do some part-time work for an unnamed company (and I can't really tell you who that is) as a, well, I probably shouldn't say that, either. And I definitely can't talk about what it is I'm learning because it is proprietary.

So, what can I tell you?

It's warm; though not much more than home right now and definitely cooler than home was for the week before I left. We had a little "rain storm" here today - which lasted all of about five minutes.

The company provided us with lunch today for our 30 minute lunch break. It was something I can't get the equivalent of at home though many try, primarily because - well, I shouldn't say that either (what makes it special) because it might give too much of a clue as to where I am. It was local and yummy.

We get regular short breaks throughout the day due to the nature of our work.

One thing I can say is that while I am on duty at this company, I can get on the internet. There are restrictions, of course, about when that is appropriate. And there are some sites the company has blocked because it deems them inappropriate for us to be doing while we work (think along the lines of craigslist - which is on the list - rather than porn - which I'm sure is also on the list). Oh, and we were told that wherever we go while we are online while we work, the company will go with us. They are monitoring and will see whatever we see.

Dinner was nice Italian (you can get that anywhere so no clues to my whereabouts) at a restaurant in the mall across the street from the hotel (again, many hotels are now located across the street from malls and most of them probably have at least one Italian restaurant).

And I found a coffee cafe just down the street for a nice decaf soy latte (which I've nicknamed the "Why Bother Cup"). And it wasn't Starbucks nor one of its other brands. I will leave it unnamed because it is, again, locally-based and would be a clue to where I am. I did discover it opens at 7 am tomorrow morning, so I can hop (walk, actually) on over there tomorrow morning before the taxi arrives to take the secret number of participants in this training to the training site.

More training tomorrow. More training Sunday, after which I fly home.

And after one more day of training at the home site, I will officially be a shhhhhhh. I can't tell you.

NOTE 9/24: The "area 51" poster is NOT
from where I was when I posted this.
It is just a funny (though not really)
poster from some other top secret
location for an entirely different
reason. Completely unrelated
to my secret place.