Tuesday, September 23, 2008

in a time when we are scared

At this moment, this is just a random thought. Not completely random, because I and we are being fed the ingredients to make a fearful nation "every day and every way," as the saying goes. On the radio, be it non-profit community or for-profit megawave corporation or public radio, everyone is discussing the bailouts, the economic troubles, the stock market plunges, foreclosures, spiking unemployment and on it goes.

Be afraid, we are told, but not in those words. Be very afraid.

As someone told me, in actuality now is the time to hold on to our creativity and to bring it forward. Right now this country - and the world, as well - need us to keep our hope and our dreams and to see the beauty in the world and keep our spirits strong. This was from someone very grounded and she did not mean to go to the LaLa place where we seenothingsaynothingdonothing - but instead the place where we hold strong to what we believe and keep holding our little beams of light; not letting ourselves be pulled down by the darkness.

I can't seem to make much more sense of this right now. I keep typing and erasing. Going back over how important the writers, artists, filmmakers, dancers, actors, musicians and other creative types are to keep us alive and breathing and with some sense of hope. Then I erase. Type again. Erase.

What is one positive thing you know right now? What is one creative step you can take to make someone smile or lighten your mood or help someone out?

Take a breath for peace and healing. And another. And another. Like the Buddhist practice of Tonglen: with each inhale, breathe in the fear and suffering; let it be cleansed in your heart; and breathe out the clear breath filled with hope and good intention.

One breath.