Friday, November 4, 2016

NaNoWriMo Day 3 - meh

I had another appointment today. Then final rehearsal for the play I'm interpreting tomorrow night.

And not much writing.

It's okay. It's still early in the month. I did write some. And I wrote more past the midnight word count cutoff. But whether looking at my current word count as part of the 3rd or the 3rd and 4th, I'm still behind. A little

Okay. Word count as of the end of my writing time today is 4239 words. Slow. I'm going to call that my end of day 3 word count, so I'm only 761 words behind. Which leaves me, let's see, 761 + 1667 = 2428 words to write on a show day. I can do that. Especially with having a 2-hour writing time scheduled with another NaNoPal tomorrow. I will still have time to go through the script again, shower and get my show clothes ready, meet the friend for writing, get dinner, get to the show and do what we need to do before we begin.

Probably not much writing will happen after the play tomorrow since I have a morning job on Saturday. But that's okay. I will keep my fingers moving at the writing time and get story words written.

I'm stuck in the story. Not sure where it's going and not being able to let go of the foundation I'm drawing from. Hopefully I will break through that soon. But, for now, I'm still writing, even if it isn't great literature and if it feels a little flat.

Isn't that part of why I do NaNo? To move through the debris and garbage and get it cleaned out so I can write. And to recommit and strengthen or revive a writing practice. So even 'meh' words written are still more words written than the pace I've been keeping recently.

Yeah, me. I'm writing! Goal for Friday is 2500 words before I interpret the play tomorrow night.

I can do that.