Friday, February 27, 2015

The Burner is Still On

It is nice to know that even in times of high creativity in another area of my life, I am at a point in my writing that it doesn't get turned off. I may not have the time to sit down and craft a new story or even to sit and quick write an idea, but the plot pot is still boiling.

Today, while I was on a short break at a job, and I was doing some preliminary work on a script, a story idea came to me. As well as somewhere to go with a story in progress, which has been in progress for over two months, waiting for attention.

It used to be that if I was not actively writing, it slipped quietly into the background. It slipped off the radar into the depths of - I don't know what. But it took climbing out of the project and taking several deep breaths and longing to write before something even came up.

So this is good news.

My writing is here. It is in me. It is on my map even when my time is wrapped up in script preparation and financial responsibilities. The script work, the theatre, all of that is creative and it fuels similar brain cells. And writing is not being abandoned.

Nice to know.