Thursday, December 19, 2013

Moe Bowstern at Back Fence PDX

Moe Bowstern is teaching a class in the Literary Kitchen in a few months. I am planning to sign up for the class if it looks possible. The class starts at a busy performance interpreting time, but that hasn't stopped me from writing in the past.

So I thought I'd find a video of Moe performing to share. For the joy of watching her and as inspiration and reminder to myself of why I want to take the class from her.

I was happy to discover this video from 2011 of her storytelling at Back Fence PDX. (If you didn't see my posts from last week and the week before, I was at Back Fence PDX's 5.5 Anniversary storytelling event at The Armory. It was awesome.)

Without any more words from me, here is Moe Bowstern in 2011, at Back Fence PDX.

Moe Bowstern at Back Fence PDX from Back Fence PDX on Vimeo.

Back Fence PDX is a live storytelling series in Portland, OR.
Filmed live at the Mission Theater.May 26, 2011
Theme: Hot As Shit or Misfit?
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