Sunday, May 12, 2013

Holding On

Last week - actually the week before last, now - I put in a garden. The first time in years. It felt good.

It was partly possible because I had some actual time off from work which wasn't filled with appointments and places to be and things to do. I mean, I had things to do - but I made the decision to put in the garden and to take some time to relax. That was good.

Not surprisingly, I did more writing last week, as well.

More rest. More puttering. More writing. Contentment.

Then this most recent week the pace picked up. Every day I had work and/or rehearsal and appointments. It wasn't bad, it was just busy. And working on two plays simultaneously takes a lot of time. One of them is a one-woman show and so I'm interpreting it solo - which does make it easier in terms of setting up rehearsals and preparation. But it is still prepping two shows at the same time. It was another week where I remember that I do less writing when I'm working on a play. On two plays, yes, my brain is steeped in theater and is holding onto those two worlds. Holding their stories and how I'm going to translate the text. Where the scene changes are and the characters' affects which I also have to incorporate into my interpretation.

Busy brain and not with writing.

Although... Yes, a glimmer. On Friday I met with a friend for dinner. We sometimes write together - although that has slid off a bit since our favorite writing space changed and has been pretty packed at the time we meet so we've been adrift for a healthy dinner, latte, and wifi spot.

But my point was: I was on my way to meet her. So I was not in work mode. I was not in theater mode. I was in meeting with a friend who is a writer mode.

As I was driving around looking for a place to park which was not marked as either a loading zone or for a one hour limit, I saw something which stuck with me. I'm not going to put it in this writing - but it was awesome. There was this perfect character sketch happening right there in front of me. My mind was present in that moment and I noticed.

After I was seated at the restaurant I sent myself an email. See, I have a special folder in my private email to which I send myself titles that pop into my head. Or snippets of writing. Character names which appear to me out of the blue. Or something like the sight I saw Friday late afternoon. Perfect. So I sent myself a note and the very beginning or a story - or perhaps just a character sketch for now. And with the code word I set up, that little gem of a visual experience goes into that writing idea folder and won't get lost in all the other electronic communications I have.

I haven't written that story yet. But I know where the sight and the idea is. And I will get to it. Later. Probably after the plays are done. But, who knows!

I am three days behind on the writing challenge I took on for this month. But it is 21 writings in 30 days so there is a little flex time. However, I need to not let it go further and try to get caught up in the next couple of days. I was five days behind and I did two writings tonight. By Wednesday I hope to be caught up.

So. Busy - good busy because of theater. And still, some writing is happening.

Life is good.