Saturday, May 25, 2013

Breaking Through

This was day one of a two day workshop with Lidia Yuknavitch. Her presence and her prompts and her encouragement are infectious. My writing is busting open a bit and my challenge will be to carry it with me. To continue.

I'm not ready to share any details at this point, but I think I have an inroad to where I've been stuck on the memoir. That has been my focus for this weekend so far (for me), although we've talked about fiction, as well - and poetry. I'm not feeling too stuck with the novel, except in terms of time and that is probably an easier solution than the blocks and blinds of the memoir.

Then tonight we got to hear Lidia speak and read at the bookstore which put on the workshop. Again, amazing. Her stories - to listen to her read her powerful words brings them even more to life. She is a strong writer, a strong personality, with stories to tell and I'm glad she has her voice. I'm glad I've had this opportunity to do this workshop with her. 

I feel lucky right now to have met several powerful writers and have had the opportunity to study with them, to be inspired by them, to be in their presence. (Lidia, Ariel, Bonnie; all of the Wayward Writers in the Literary Kitchen and the writers in this weekend workshop.)

And now, back to my homework: finish revising one piece I wrote to day to take to class tomorrow morning. Then more goodness and writing with Lidia - and all of the other amazing writers in the room. This is a powerhouse of written word who have come together.