Friday, January 4, 2013


This post is dedicated to my friend, A.S.L.. To my signing friends, no, I'm not talking about the language ASL, but a person whose initials are ASL.

My friend and I met up for coffee and a snack last month. It had been a really long time since we'd gotten together and much had changed. Some of it I knew and some of it I didn't know. And all of it was fine - we've been friends for, wow, about 18 years or so. So we can go for spells of not getting together, sending random text messages or inquiries of schedules but not seeing each other. And it's all good.

We'd planned to get together last week since it was a slower work week for both of us. But life happened. Then this thing and that thing and pretty soon it was about to cross over into this week, so we decided we'd probably get together on Thursday. Which was yesterday.

And we did. After work and errands I went over to his place for a homemade dinner (yum - thank you!) and I brought a bottle of wine and a salad. We talked and ate and talked a lot, drank the wine, some coffee and moved to the other room and talked and drank the coffee and talked, and then it was later and we had a glass of port and talked and talked. And very soon it had gone from being 8 pm to being 3 am.

It felt so good to hang out with him. Eat real food. Drink wine and coffee. And talk. I've missed that.

We talked about relationships and work and film and writing and theater and children and radio and politics and so much more.

And we talked about the future.

Which may include a blog for him and I hope so. He has so much to say and I think he's worth listening to. I hope he does it; the world is listening.

A.S.L. - are you there? This one, sans graphic, took about 8 minutes. See? It is possible.

Thank you for the dinner and conversation and the candlelight.