Thursday, September 6, 2012

Radical Writing Advice: hello?

I started a piece for this week. I like the topic. I want to write about it.

And we had one of those homeowner emergencies over the weekend. The process to deal with it is still continuing, so I'm letting this week's full post go.

I will return next week. But for now I'm cutting back on a few things to decrease my stress level right now.

It's been an interesting week, with great news on two fronts (interpreting and writing) and then the not so good news of a broken water pipe at home. The fall session of Ariel Gore's Literary Kitchen started this week. I was accepted into an in-person writing group. And more. Ups and downs, but holding it together.

So, this week no advice.

I will be back next week for sure. I have it partially written, but the situation at home has taken many hours in what was already a very full schedule.

See you next week! No, see you on Friday for the Razor's Edge prompt. That I will do in the late afternoon.