Saturday, July 28, 2012

Razor's Edge for ... a day late: Say Yes

I realized earlier today that I'd missed posting my weekly writing prompt yesterday. I felt guilty, and a little embarrassed (see, I made this promise to myself and have an implied promise to you). Then I let those feelings drift on through and knew I'd go ahead and post the weekly Razor's Edge; just a day late.

This is a quick one.

But not necessarily easy just because I want you to do it quickly.

I'm going to give 2 options of how to do this one. I have the theoretical approach which I think will yield some fabulous ideas. And I know that I, at times, would balk or alter that same idealistic approach.

The prompt: What I'd like is for you to quickly think of 8-10 things you feel you can't (or shouldn't) do, can't have,  and so on. As each one comes to mind, don't write it down. Instead write down its opposite as a positive, "YES! I can/will do/get/have...".

My intent in not writing down the negative is to not give it any more power. Keep the power of the word on the positive; on the YES!

As an example, here is a short excerpt from Alexis Pauline Gumbs article, "Reclaiming Yes" at Utne Reader.  This is a group created poem and there is much more to it on the original posting; it's worth the click.

Reclaiming Yes  
YES!!! to acting on the impulse inside 
YES!!! to defining the erotic as strength  
YES!!!to claiming what we know deepest inside us as KNOWLEDGE 
YES!!! brilliance remastered means brilliance unchained visible everywhere NOW!

YES!!! to our deepest desires 
YES!!! to our power 
YES!!! to being love 
YES!!! to being me and not caring ...

The option: make a very quick list of the "can't"s and write out the positives. 

Write your positives quickly, too, but feel free  to expand and include more details.