Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Music Discovery: Jami Sieber, cellist

I've been searching for my direction, for options, for that intuitive spark that jumps up and shouts, "me! over here!" Only my intuition doesn't shout and so, sometimes, I miss the information. And I've been taking more of a passive approach, because I learned long ago that chasing that unknown something can result in missed opportunities and missed paths.

So I've been waiting, watching, listening. And in this process have discovered some new music. It's not "new" music in terms of just released or undiscovered; but musicians I haven't noticed or haven't sought out more of their creations to listen to. Leonard Cohen. Regina Spektor. A Fine Frenzy.

Today I went for my massage appointment and was introduced to another new-to-me musician: Jami Sieber, electric cellist. It was the perfect introduction - during my cranial sacral bodywork session. {And if you're looking for a skilled massage therapist, for regular massage, light touch massage, or cranialsacral approach, I highly recommend Daria Howell, LMT. I've been seeing her since the person I was seeing previously moved away for some amazing opportunities. Daria is skilled, friendly, intuitive respectful and has really helped me physically.}

Back to Jami Sieber. Cellist; electric cello. I love listening to cello, a wide range of styles. But I'd never heard of her; although I may have heard her but not known it. I did a little looking around and found that she has done performances with other musicians, with writers, with authors who have translated written text, with dancers, and more.

Another interesting fact about Jami Sieber, which Daria told me, is that Jami played with the Elephant Orchestra in Thailand. I searched online for links of that and found a couple of good videos on YouTube, which have excerpts of that experience, in which she talks about that a bit. Check it out.

But I also found a few videos she posted herself. Some were from a performance in Seattle and, since she posted them, I thought I'd pass one along here. And I'm going to buy one of her CDs.

The video below includes another musician and a performance. Perfect: music and theater.
Jami Sieber:  

Below is the video with some information about her music with the elephants project. I'm going to do a little more research into this project and see what I can find. But, for now, her is a tidbit. Oh: I hear that she comes somewhat regularly to Portland, so I will keep my eyes out for her next local concert. She is one musician I would enjoy seeing in person.