Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Is Me Not Complaining

Really. I'm not complaining. There might be a little whining. Maybe.
I'm a little busy. Overly busy at the moment. And it's okay. I have enough work and that's really good.

And I did manage to write both stories due today. One was a rewrite of a story from Ariel's two week intensive - but it fit. It really did; I didn't have to twist it in pretzel fashion - there was only one element not already present in the story and that was a particular word which had to be included. And it's a story I wanted to revise to send out into the world. So I revised, strengthened it (I hope), added the word, and submitted it online. And it will go somewhere though I don't know where, yet. It has a particular type of audience needs, I think, and wouldn't be appropriate for some of the places I've submitted. Not that it's an inappropriate story. The second story was totally new and, not so much a story as a reportage of an outing we had to do for Inga's online class. For that one, my plan didn't go as planned but I had the time in my schedule and the image and noticing gathering in my mind for that time, so I went ahead and did it - but just at a different location than I intended. So - both done and both submitted.

And I did go to the Vagina Monologues rehearsal for six hours on Saturday as planned. No, it was five hours, that's right. It was scheduled to be six but they changed the schedule to five and we didn't know until we showed up. At least the eliminated hour was at the end of the day. I've been working on that script. I think Ali and I will have a good time and do a good job; though I know Jayodin, who has done it the past few years, is the Vagina Monologues Interpreting Master so I'm not trying to emulate her - no. I will do things my way and it will be fine. And next year, Jayodin can have it back; by then her now week old baby will be a year old, so I think she'll be ready to jump back into the beauty of interpreting the Vagina Monologues. I like working with Ali and the stories we're doing together worked really well. She's going again tomorrow night and I'm going again on Tuesday. And Friday is our night.

Then I have my regular interpreting work. "Regular" is not really the word for it and especially not right now. Even my semi-regular videorelay work schedule is different right now due to reasons at the center and things not related to the center - like the interpreting Vagina Monologues, some writing.

And teaching work.

And being in two overlapping writing workshops. Which are great and they're keeping me writing.

And getting in enough sleep. And swimming and walking. Reading other writers' work and giving feedback. Reading student journals and emails and text messages and phone meetings with students in addition to multiple recitations with the students whose schedules don't match well.

Busy. Good. Busy.

Not whining.