Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ideas for Writers from Jessica Morrell

There are some excellent ideas for writers from Jessica Page Morrell over at The Writing Life Too.

Another Ariel Gore Wayward Writers session ends, followed by a brief break until the winter session begins on November 5th. During that time, NaNoWriMo 2011 will begin.

And I wait to hear about the Graywolf contest. And my memoir is in an editor's hands. And I'm falling a little behind on my daily output.

So I found Jessica's suggestions timely.

And definitely worth sharing.

Here are a few of the highlights, or topics -- and I'll leave it to you to click on over and read the rest of what she has to say.

If you're struggling with creating a writing routine that you can stick with, then try a blitz day once a week when you write your butt off….

Build your vocabulary: Words are your tools and if your toolbox is dinky your reader becomes bored. 

Become Limber:...
Murder your darlings:...
Paint word pictures: ...

Share your Truth: The place to begin writing is from your own truth. This is a variation of the advice to write about what you know, and it’s good advice because it works. If you write about who you really are, about your pains, embarrassments, loss and grief, your  words are bound to ring with authenticity..... 

And more. Check out the rest of what she has to say. I'm pretty sure there is something there which will spark your writing!