Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creating Language

I'm catching up on grading student papers. I'm teaching a practicum course, where students are in "live" placements, practicing interpreting and everything which goes with that - but there is no Deaf client/consumer. Each week the students turn in journals - which provide them a place to reflect on their process, give me a picture of what's happening in their placements (I can't be in all of the placements all the time, of course), and it's a place for us to dialogue about their process.

I got behind with the medical situation.

So I'm grading. And grading more. And getting caught up little by little.

Tonight I was inserting a comment for a student and hit save. Then went back to review what I wrote before submitting it back to her.

Thanks to the word program's spell/grammar check, some things stick out.

Including a new word I invented. But I like it. It actually describes the student's dilemma very well and it's a word I could use.

Of course I changed it to the word I intended. But I think I'll save this word for my own future use. Don't be surprised if it shows up in a story!

My new word?

Fustered. (Yes, I meant flustered. But I really like fustered!)

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