Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Write to Wreck Your Life"

(note: It is not that I don't have anything to say, but it is that I have been over the top busy recently: my first Paddling Poet - kayaking and writing - workshop is tonight and I've been making final plans for that; the Cascade Lakes Relay is in two weeks and, as captain, there has been increased activity in final preparations for that; training for the relay; a yard that needed - needs - immediate attention 'or else' ... Then there's the novel in revision and still working on completing the final draft of the memoir... So, luckily, there are many great events coming up and I'll pass them along as I run across them. I will return to writing more original posts - I promise! Meanwhile - this looks like an entertaining evening. I will be there at the Willamette Writers Conference - as volunteer and attendee.)

....from New Oregon Arts & Letters...

Write to Wreck Your Life: Chuck Palahniuk Live at Willamette Writers

Chuck-palahniuk1 There's no one quite like homegrown Northwest writer Chuck Palahniuk. Author of Fight Club and Tell-All, Palahniuk is a sometimes prankster who writes about death, sex, fighting, and fidgeting in a style that has been described as minimalistic and nihilistic, and that is apt to make audience members faint at some of his readings.

Chuck will inform Portland audiences how to “Write to Wreck Your Life (and Get a Better One)” at the Willamette Writers Conference banquet August 7.   “Writing about the most‐risky, most‐challenging subjects can feel miserable," he explains, "but that suffering will vault you to becoming a stronger, braver person. You might have to sacrifice your short‐term comfort and happiness, but that effort will bring you more happiness and success than you’d ever dreamed possible."

More information and reservations at or 503‐452‐1592.
—by Lisa Parsons