Wednesday, July 7, 2010

truth in a picture

I still haven't found the words to describe my experience rafting the Grand Canyon. The saying about a picture being worth a thousand words comes true in the picture below. My MissFit Dragons teammate, Joanie, and I went on a little hike exploration the first day. We climbed up and over some boulders and a couple of rock ledges; she went up another layer of boulders and rocks to see if there was a path up there and didn't see one. (We found out the next morning that there is one up there; but, it being our first night on the river, we didn't want to get ourselves into trouble when we couldn't see a path or a trail...)

I didn't realize Joanie took this picture of me. And I'm glad she did. It summarizes quite accurately how I'm feeling right now about being there for eight days - wow, big, openness, incredible, amazing, inspired, happy. Awe.

And, yes, I would go back. I will go back.

photograph by JD Sampson