Saturday, January 30, 2010

friday prompt response

(this was originally posted at The Writing Vein Playground, by Dot, on 1/3o/1o)

In The Midst
by Dot

follow me along the river to the banks of
bluebirds and walls of
let me drink in your wonder and wash away
your sullenness
the sadness that makes you hunger

sit with me by this path to the sea
and sip contentment from this cup
of wheatgrass emerald energy

hold my hand
and we will skip unabandoned
through boughs and sun rays and
wallow in the waves lapping all around
us pulling our feet forward

strangers on the bank smile
at our folly and giggle with
our magnitude which bubbles up
from our inner core
foams across the water to the boat waiting
for us to row together
to be you and me
safe together
in the midst of
this storm