Friday, October 23, 2009

NaNoWriMo: 10 days to go and I have....

...a title and a synopsis. This is far more than I had last year at this time - and I will have no more until 12:01 AM on November 1st. No - no outline for me. No cast of characters other than the basic few mentioned below. I will wait to see who shows up on my page as I type and where they take us. But, for now, I have a spark of an idea for the setting and I do have a working title.

Welcome to my 2009 NaNoWriMo Novel:

"Cascade Lakes Footnotes"

Eight women walkers, their two drivers, in two vans, encounter more challenges than they expected in the Cascade Mountains in central Oregon.

The members of Mighty Maude's Marauders are new found friends who decide to take on the challenges of the 132.4 mile walking section of the Cascade Lakes Relay. They joined the event with fitness in mind and each with a personal goal. As the race continues, they discover that at least one of their members has some well-hidden secrets.

Join the Might Maudes as they traverse through the blaring sun and thunderstorms, walk up breath stealing inclines and down I.T. Band crunching declines, and climb higher and higher on the Cascade Lakes Highway. The excitement they stepped off with at Silver Lakes out past LaPine is replaced by fear as they cross over the base of Mount Bachelor and head toward the final miles into Bend. The quest for new personal bests is replaced by the quest for survival.


  1. So I just found your post on the Portland NaNoblogspot and decided to come here to take a look. Very impressive. You are so much further ahead of me, a great synopsis and a title!

    This is my first real try as a wrimo (I wrote about 1000 words in 2007 then life went to hell and that was that), anyway, I am hoping to find some ways to connect with others so I will stay motivated. I live in the Gorge so have signed up for the Portland and Vancouver regions.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I will visit again.

    NaNo name: Debil

  2. Thanks for the comment, Deb! Do come back often - I hope to be posting regularly throughout November.

    Add me to your buddy list. I'll get you on mine in a bit.

    Also, if you're coming in to PDX and want to meet up to write, let me know - we may be able to work it out! Or maybe do a virtual write-in (I know a couple people are setting some of those up).

    Congrats on coming back for more NaNoWriMo!