Wednesday, March 5, 2008

time poverty

I'm still grappling with the concept of brevity and shorter is better and, in order to keep up with the international (national?) trends and keep the modern audience, we must condense and write everything in fewer words. Or we'll lose them. Flash fiction. Short shorts. Books that can be downloaded almost instantaneously to an electronic device which doesn't even need wifi because it runs on the same circuitry as mobile phones and is thinner and weighs less than a paperback. More in less time and less in less time and when can we pencil in that latte, no make it an espresso because I've only got five minutes in which to see you.

Yikes. Do we always have to do more better faster in a microsecond? I read the phrase "time poverty" on the website Slow Movement and knew I had to write something about the need for speed, even if I wasn't ready to delve deeply.

I have much more to say on this topic. But, for now, three writing prompts and some music to go with them. I was poking around for music to counteract or help transition from the hectic to the contemplative. I discovered the Jeff Ball Band, which is Native American flute, hang drums, and guitar. I'm inserting one YouTube video and a couple of click and go links.

* If I had one more hour in each day ...*
* The morning air along the river ...*
* She decided to blow off all her appointments that day ...*

More music from the Jeff Ball Band:
Ancestors in Daguerreotype
Improv by Jeff Ball & Ted Natale
Lost on MySpace