Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Nearing the Finish Line

As the end of November is quickly approaching, so am I approaching the 50k words written in November mark. As of the beginning of my Tuesday writing time, I am at 48,532 words. Very close. Very, very close.

I might wrap up the 50k today - if I can find a quick rhythm before I have to go to work. Or maybe it will be tomorrow -- after I get the rest of the root canal done and after my ND/acupuncture appointment.

I am also on track for my second goal of the month, which is to write every day for the 30 days. I have written something every day - 25 days and still counting. The trick will be to keep up the daily writing after the 50k. If I can write every day this month, I think it will be the first NaNoWriMo where I have written every day. Last year I think I only missed one.

It has been an excellent writing month!