Monday, October 28, 2019

Counting Down to . . .

The time is almost here. I am counting down to NaNoWriMo 2019. On Thursday November 1st, after interpreting a play called, "The Women Of Will" with Tina Packer, I will be among the writers gathered at PDX to start our 2019 50k+ novels. At midnight, as the MLs (municipal liaisons) count down to that magic time, midnight, and we all begin writing.

Let the month of writing freely and as a priority begin! Soon, anyway, not just yet.


Do I know what I will be writing? No.
Do I have a germ of an idea of storyline or plot? Maybe. Just a tiny speck.
How many NaNos will this be? This is my 12th consecutive year of NaNoWriting!
How many have I been a "winner" (written over 50k words Nov 1-30)?  This will be - hopefully - number 12.
Will it be fun? Yes.
Will I love what I write? Don't know. At least I (probably) won't hate it!
Am I taking a writing retreat this year? Oh yes! Absolutely! Missed it last year.

I have set up my 2019 author page on the NaNoWriMo website. I have joined the PDX NaNo Discord. Have joined the NaNo Reddit.

Have my Halloween all planned. From Shakespeare interpreting to transition to my author self and off to the airport with a friend & writing buddy. And ready to hit the keyboard! Maybe I'll spend this week's Tuesday writing date brainstorming the speck of an idea and see if more comes out. No writing the actual novel until November 1st; but I can take some notes and brainstorm.

In case you're curious, this calendar shows the target word count for each day of the month. Wow! Look at those numbers.