Friday, September 9, 2016

The Eve of Another Interpreted Show and NaNo Approacheth


This is about passion. About creative passions and keeping them alive in spite of obstacles of time which may mean money which may mean time which means. Keep on keeping on don't stop don't look back look forward to the vision and keep it going.

Creative passion: theatre/theater and writing/writer/author
Creative passion needs inspiration/input/inflow
Creative passion realization needs time
Creative passion realization needs space

Don't give me the line about the physician author who wrote a ton of books on prescription papers at his desk between patients. Don't tell me about the mother painter/author who locked herself in a room and left all the children to fend for themselves (or each other) for hours while she created. Don't tell me that if it's important enough I will make it happen.

I am making it happen. My way. My time.

Creative passion : theatre     writing     performance interpreting
Creative passion needs financial support
Creative passion needs rest and time down to percolate
Creative passion needs alone-time and community-time; seclusion and connection

My way errs to the side of caution and my way errs to the side of taking my time and it works. It takes longer and I've passed  the age of ever being a young-writer-wow-look-at-her-go and I'm not old enough to be the miracle-senior-genius-writer. I'm me and my pace and get-it-done ways, which I do and pieces are coming together coming to fruition coming into being and I grow we grow it grows.

And my writing calls while I focus more on theatre on theatrical interpreting on the other interpreting work I do which brings in the money for the home and the utilities and the health insurance massage chiropractic new shoes and black shirts black pants black socks needed for work. And the writing workshops of course. Writing calls and I whisper - soon.

The play I am working on right now is inspiring and new and fresh and challenging and worth all of the time we're putting into our preparation. The play I am working on right now is five re-tellings of the Antigone story by modern female writers and they are good. Very good. Inspiring. And because of the short run of the production our preparation is condensed compressed saturating time this week - necessarily.

Just the other day I was ready to toss in the towel on the writing. Or at least on NaNoWriMo this year because I'm not going to make the deadline I set for myself to finish the next draft of the memoir manuscript. At this pace I don't see how I can finish up the draft before NaNoWriMo 2016 begins so how can I start something else new where is the time and energy and what about the X and Y and A and C and....

Wait! An idea strikes about what I might write about. Then another idea comes up in a discussion. Then another resurfaces from the past and I'm on the NaNoWriMo website looking at all of my purple completion bars/stars/numbers from years past.

Wait! An inspiring discussion with an actor and my team interpreters after the show tonight and pieces coming together and hope and possibility and dreaming together, the four of us. Passions.

I will do it, the writing, the November thing. It seems a little early but not too. NaNoWriMo is coming. And more plays. And my other interpreting work which keeps me on my toes and busy and keeps me financially in the flow and I'm still in the flow.

Creative passion needs recommitment and inspiration and time. And patience.

Deal. I'm in.