Saturday, May 28, 2016

Writing Update

Quick and to the point.

Because in 13 hours I will be interpreting a play. And I should already be in bed. But, soon.

Because theater is happening and regular work is happening.

And still, I'm writing.

Last week I made a couple of tightening edits to a short story. Then had to do some major reformatting to the same story because of transferring it to a different system. I complete both tasks and submitted the story to a publication. Patting myself on the back for getting that piece done and submitted.

On Friday 5/27 I finished more edits to the piece I took to the Methow Valley Writing by Writers conference. I had to make some cuts so that it fits the submission guidelines for another publication. Then I got feedback from my critique group, which I read through again, applied as fit my vision for the piece; tightened it up and made some clarifications. And I sent the edited manuscript to my critique partners.

Writing is still happening. And submissions are happening.

All is good.

Now, really, to bed. I have a show tomorrow ... um, later today. ("Grand Concourse" at Artists Repertory Theatre; I'm interpreting the matinee at 2:00.)