Tuesday, January 19, 2016

National Popcorn Day

It's National Popcorn Day and I almost missed it. I will probably not be eating popcorn today because I'm working and don't have it with me, but that's okay. Maybe I can pop on over to the nearby little store and grab a bag at my next break. Or wait until I'm headed home and pick up my favorite pre-popped popcorn on the way (Erin's reduced salt popcorn).

There are all kinds of fun and interesting and regular-ol-straight-up facts around the internet about this popular snack. So I won't clutter up the space here when you can find it on your own, or not!

One of my favorites is that popcorn on its own is a healthy snack (unless your are sensitive or allergic to corn, of course). Which makes me happy, because my preferred popcorn style is pretty plain. Here is the healthy fact from IBT:

Popcorn is packed with healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin B and protein. It also contains about 1 gram of fiber per cup, which has more iron than an egg.
Happy Popcorn Day!