Sunday, June 1, 2014

I Can't Believe It's June Update

We're back home. Have been back home for a week. It's been a full week, but no complaints.

Oh. That part of the M-book writing project I hoped to accomplish while we were in Taos? I did it. Yes; I finished the edits for the current draft. There are more edits and rewrites to do - sure. But that particular draft is done. Now starts more hacking away and some major rewrites. And. I will save that news for later.

The project I mentioned a month or so ago? It is going to happen. Right now I'm drafting the first post explaining what I'm going to do. And, truthfully, I have a little more consideration to do to make sure it's a good idea to move forward with in terms of process.

Right now I'm preparing to interpret two plays. That is taking a lot of my time and that's okay Two very different plays, with some common themes, in a way. Both dark plays, with some humor and some unexpected moments of lightness. One is a rock musical about Lizzie Borden and the other is a Pulitzer Prize winning drama by Sam Shepard. A lot of creative brain space is being used for these two productions.

On Tuesday I will be resuming the Tuesday morning writing jams. I have missed those. I missed three due to the trip and my writing partner has had conflicts. But this week we will return and I'm looking forward to that. We might be trying out a new location. The perfect place we had developed a few problems in terms of out ability to be there for writing. We haven't found a better place yet. It's funny; the place it seems we may try is a place I have driven past for many years but have never visited.

Did I tell you that I can't believe it's already June?!?