Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now the Snow is Gone and Burnt Tongue 7

The recent winter weather incident slowed everything down, except my need to work on a script and the arrival of an unexpected yet very welcome house guest for a few days (a friend stranded between destinations due to canceled flights) In the couple of days since the weather warmed and the white ground cover became gray, then brown, then was gone, I've been catching up on what couldn't be done with the weather and cancellations. 

I did write 2400 words of an essay/rant on Tuesday and that felt really good. I wasn't in the mood to work on the radio script nor the M-book nor a short story in the works. So I went with where my energy seemed to be - which was this rant. About writing. And, no, you don't get to read it, yet.

This Saturday there is a reading I'm planning to attend, "Burnt Tongue 7." I have my sign through and feedback midday Saturday (I'm interpreting the play next week) - and one of my incentives to working on this play so hard the last couple of weeks is this event. If it goes well at the sign through, then I won't have to see the play again that night and can go listen to writers read their work. It looks pretty amazing!

Burnt Tongue is a quarterly literary event, created to honor the incredible writing teacher and literary patriarch, Tom Spanbauer, who founded Dangerous Writers. 
Burnt Tongue's goal is to allow space for former and current Dangerous Writers with all levels of public reading experience to come together and share their work with the likes of you! 
Not EVERYONE has to have been a student of Tom's, and we frequently have guest readers.  
We ask for a $5 gift donation at the door, which goes into a scholarship for struggling writers to take classes and workshops. 
The next event takes place Feb 15th, 2014 at 5-8pm at Crush Bar, 1400 SE Morrison in Portland, OR. 
What you can expect:
The readers will start with 5 minutes apiece at 5:00pm. Expect a fifteen minute intermission to start somewhere close to 6:00, with the second half starting no later than 6:30. The show will be over no later than 8:00, and many of the authors will be available to stick around and mingle.